Polypropylene woven bags

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The polypropylene woven bag, commonly referred to as the synthetic raffia bag, is the ideal solution for containing heavy loads in any working environment and is perfect for industrial laundries. In fact, the bags can be used for the collection of dirty laundry and in the return cycle from the customer to the laundry. In general, they are durable products that can be used in a wide range of sectors as a containment and packaging solution for various types of goods.

The polypropylene woven bag is stitched with nylon thread at one end and has an anti-slip flap at the open end. These synthetic raffia bags are washable and reusable, and you can choose from several distinctive colours to suit your needs: white, yellow, red, green or light blue with red bands.

Upon request, it is possible to customise the polypropylene woven bags or the synthetic raffia bags by inserting the customer's logo and information, in order to meet any sector-specific requirements. Finally, these bags are not equipped with a closure system.

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Polypropylene woven bags
Polypropylene woven bags

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    Review for Polypropylene woven bags

    White color code ACP0010B
    Yellow color code ACP0010G
    Red color code ACP0010R
    Green color code ACP0010V
    Light blue with red bands color code ACP0010C
    Dimensions cm 70x122
    Weight grams 105/110
    Material Polypropylene