Polyurethane bolt hole swivel shopping cart wheel for moving walkaways

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The polyurethane bolt hole swivel shopping cart wheel is the smooth-running, non-marking solution with a pivoting support and a hole that is compatible with moving walkways. A thermoplastic polyurethane tread hardness 95 ShA covers the polyamide 6 core to make the wheels elastic, abrasion and chemical resistant. In addition, they are the ideal wheels for moving carts on curved paths and moving walkways without sacrificing smoothness, manoeuvrability and acoustic comfort.

Fluidity and noise reduction are important in supermarkets and shopping centres, and the polyurethane tread ensures these properties. The hub, i.e. the central part of the wheel, encloses the rotating mechanism with precision ball bearings. Polyurethane bolt hole swivel shopping cart wheels are compatible with treadmills and moving walkways, which are often found in shopping centres and supermarkets and are characterised by: track width 2.75 mm, groove width 5.7 mm and groove depth 10 mm.

Furthermore, as they comply with the European EN 12530 standard, the polyurethane shopping trolley castors are safe and quality products. They are supplied complete with pivoting supports made of galvanised sheet steel with a double ball race swivel system equipped with a through-hole for attachment to the shopping cart.

Hygiene is ensured by the polyamide 6 thread guard discs that prevent threads and dirt from sticking to the wheels and blocking their movement. Finally, the polyurethane shopping trolley wheels have a diameter of 125 mm, a width of 30 mm, an attachment hole diameter of 12.3 mm, an offset of 38 mm and an overall height of 155 mm. The dynamic load capacity is equivalent to 80 kg on a flat floor and 40 kg on a moving walkway.

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Ruote per carrelli spesa in poliuretano per tappeti mobili con supporto piroettante e foro passante
Polyurethane bolt hole swivel shopping cart wheel for moving walkaways

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    Review for Polyurethane bolt hole swivel shopping cart wheel for moving walkaways

    Code   RPAL591
    Simbolo diametro ruota mm 125
    Simbolo diametro foro asse ruota mm 8,1
    Simbolo larghezza ruota mm 30,5
    Simbolo mozzo ruota mm 57
    Simbolo altezza ruota fissa mm 154
    Plate hole diameter mm 12,6
    Simbolo peso ruota kg 0,700
    Simbolo portata ruota kg 80 on floor
    40 on moving walkaway
    Simbolo temperatura utilizzo ruota °C -20+60
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