Portable refrigerated container ATP 150 liters front opening

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The portable refrigerated container ATP 150 liters Koala 150 AF by Melform is the ideal solution for transporting fresh and frozen foodstuffs, equipped with a static refrigeration unit on the back for continuous maintenance of the internal temperature in compliance with ATP regulations. The special isothermal performance allows considerable energy savings by limiting the need to switch on the refrigeration power supply and allowing total respect of the cold chain throughout the distribution cycle. In addition, it is equipped with 3 power supply cables: one for 230 Vac mains power supply and two for 12Vdc power supply (one Anderson terminal and one with cigarette lighter plug or fork terminals).

The portable refrigerated container ATP makes it possible to transport room-temperature, fresh or frozen food, is easy to move thanks to the side grips, and has compact dimensions that allow easy transport even in car vans. Furthermore, it is manufactured in line with current regulations (EC Reg. 852/2004 HACCP) and applicable technical standards (EN12571 and Accord AFNOR AC D40-007).

The portable refrigerated container ATP allows transport even with non-insulated vehicles and, depending on the version chosen, can operate with a temperature regulation from 0° up to + 40°. Furthermore, manufactured using the rotational moulding technique, it is a seamless single body, easy to sanitise and sanitise and impact-resistant.

The portable refrigerated container can be ATP-certified with FNAX class approval. It is important to check whether your local health authority requires it when transporting foodstuffs by road and, if necessary, purchase it with the container. Finally, many accessories are available, such as the internal rail kit for housing GN and EN trays, trays and grids, and also the trolley for transporting up to 2 refrigerated containers on top of each other.

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Portable refrigerated container ATP 150 liters front opening
Portable refrigerated container ATP 150 liters front opening

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    Review for Portable refrigerated container ATP 150 liters front opening

    Brand: Melform
    Code IS00352 IS00353 IS00354
    Temperature 0+10 0+10 0+40
    Refrigeration unit Static Ventilated Static
    Ext. dimensions mm 570x950 H690 570x1045 H690 570x950 H690
    Int. dimensions mm 430x650 H520 430x650 H530 430x650 H520
    Weight kg 37 55 37
    Common features to all codes
    Capacity liters 148
    Cables for power supply (3) 1 for 230Vac 50-60Hz
    1 with Anderson terminals for 12Vdc
    1 with Anderson terminal container-side and cigarette terminal (models IS00352 and IS00354) or fork terminal (model IS00353) for 12Vdc
    Cables lenght m 2
     Download the use and maintenance manual.