Ratchet strap 35 mm with J-Hook

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The ratchet strap 35 mm is the secure professional j-hook solution designed and manufactured for fastening and securing various types of goods. It is the ideal choice when looking for a polyester strap with a length of up to 6 metres (0.3+5.7) and equipped with a j-hook. It is the optimum product for securing cargo easily, quickly and safely: securing your freight in commercial vehicles travelling on the road will ensure its stability even under acceleration, hard braking and steering.

The safety and quality of the ratchet strap is ensured through the load capacity test the product undergoes. In addition, it is manufactured in full compliance with the current European standard UNI EN 12195-2, and for this reason the strap comes complete with labels bearing technical information useful for proper use.

The ratchet strap is blue in colour and is a fast and secure fastening system that adheres perfectly to the goods being transported, guaranteeing total stability. It has a load capacity of 2000 kg and consists of a 35 mm high tenacity polyester belt, a galvanised steel ratchet turnbuckle with upward lever action and a j-hook.

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10pcs -   CIA0301  - length 6 (0.35.7) m -   €8.55  - [5/8 days]

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Ratchet strap 35 mm with J-Hook

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    Review for Ratchet strap 35 mm with J-Hook

    Code CIA0301
    Length meters 6 (0,3+5,7)
    Type of hook "J" hook
    Tensioner Ratchet lever activation upwards
    Material Polyester
    Webbing height mm 35
    Ratchet belts breaking load symbol
    LC (Lashing Capacity) daN

    Ratchet belts breaking load symbol
    LC (Lashing Capacity) daN

    STF (Standard Tension Force) daN 150
    Color Blue