Reflective stickers 200x200 mm for bins

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The reflective stickers measure 200 x 200 mm, are available in class 1 and class 2 and represent the safe solution to make your recycle bins and waste bins positioned on the street more visible. The stickers are mandatory in many Municipalities which requires them to be placed on all bins for separate collection placed outside of one's private property. To comply with the regulation, you shoud put 4 stickers for each recycle bin and 8 stickers for each waste bin on each of the vertical edges.

The red and white striped stickers are made of reflective and refractive self-adhesive PVC material, they are resistant to the sun and atmospheric agents and, therefore, are the ideal solution to be applied to recycle bins and wheelie bins for outdoor use. The white colour is similar to RAL9016, while the red colour is a special colour arising from the need for high reflectivity required by road safety regulations. The latter in fact requires the use of a transparent type of red that is printed on a class 1 or 2 reflective sticker, it is however red - in the CMYK scale - 100M and 80Y.


For recycle bins, 4 pieces are needed.
For waste bins, 8 pieces are needed.

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Adesivi catarifrangenti mm 200 x 200 per cassonetti e bidoni differenziata
Reflective stickers 200x200 mm for bins

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