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The roll container standard is the universal, versatile and functional trolley for goods, created for the preparation and delivery of goods in the distribution sector. Over the years the product has experienced increasing success becoming the most suitable solution for storage, handling and freight transport operations. Compact and robust, but also light and practical to dismantle, the roll container is a quality product with an elastic and shock-absorbing frame structure, reinforcements on the inside of the walls and drainage holes on the top of the wall frame.

All components are marked with the manufacturer's name and production date to allow the user to verify the durability of the roll container. The product is equipped with a base with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels with a diameter of 100 mm made of white polypropylene, 2 shoulders with a reinforced 20 mm diameter tube frame, a plate, a spring for attachment to the base and 2 textile straps with tensioner.

Optional extras such as shelves with a maximum load capacity of 100 kg and a protective cover are available to meet all requirements. In addition, it is possible to add the 3rd and 4th walls, which can also be fitted after the purchase of the roll itself: the self-clinching system allows the front wall to be attached even on standard roll containers that do not have any fittings.

To date, the roll container standard CeDiROLL by Rollawaycontainer, also known as the standard Rollaway, is used as a category reference in specifications. In fact, despite attempts at imitation, the universally recognised quality and the production of more than one million trolleys during the company's 30 years of experience have made the Rollaway brand roll container the benchmark of excellence in the wheeled trolley industry. 

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Roll container standard CeDiROLL H 1800
Roll container standard CeDiROLL H 1800

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    Review for Roll container standard CeDiROLL H 1800

    Code Wheels Ext. dimensions mm
    ROA0001FGA0001 white polypropylene D.100 710x805x1805
    ROA0001FGA0501 white polypropylene D.125 710x805x1825
    ROA0001FGA0504 nylon polyurethane D.125 710x805x1825
    ROA0001FGA0503 elastic rubber D.125 710x805x1825
    Common features to all codes
    Usable inside dimensions mm 660x745x1640
    Weight kg 25
    Capacity kg 500
    Chain link net base mm 45x180
    Chain link net wall mm 105x395
    Surface treatment Electrogalvanized
    Standard A base with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels 100 mm in diameter, two lateral walls with a 20 mm diameter reinforced tube frame, plate and spring for attachment to the base, two textile belts with tensioner
    Accessories Rear wall, half-open front wall, 100 kg load-carrying shelf, protective cover, dirt tray, hanging rod, textile straps with tensioner
    La sicurezza Rollawaycontainer  

    Rollawaycontainer safety
    The safety of our products is a value for those who use them

    Sicurezza RollwaycontainerIn 2007 the load capacity of Cedi Roll has been tested by an internationally recognized Institute of Research and Development Catas SpA,. The test report has certified CeDiRoll has passed the load capacity test for 500kg, reaching maximum load of 5.480kg

    2008 year of transaction to Uni 9082:2005. The Cedi Roll was the first standard roll container to have done and passed the test  as forseen from Uni 9082:2005 regulation for dynamic load capacity by Institue of Research and Development Catas SpA.

    The test forecasts the roll container movement with load of 500 Kg flow in the direction of current use and return to the starting position for a cycle of 30.000 movements


    Livello di
    nel carrello kg
    cicli n.1
    cicli n.2
    Cicli totali
    eseguiti (n.1 + n.2)
    1 500 5.000 / 5.000 Nessuna
    2 500 10.000 / 10.000 Nessuna
    3 500 15.000 / 15.000 Nessuna
    4 500 20.000 / 20.000 Nessuna
    5 500 30.000 / 30.000 Nessuna



    We follow the design and production of the wheels we mount on our containers. These are manufactured, following our specifications, by our supplier for over 30 years; they are individually tested and assembled during all the tests that roll containers do, where there are simulated the typical criticalities of thrust that occur during use in internal functional areas (distribution centres, laundries, manufacturing sites) and external (delivery to retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, and community) and the handling during transports.

    Test Stabilità


    The Cedi Roll has passed all the tests of load stability brought to the overturning sill. These tests are very important because they simulate the most critical situations of skidding and displacement of the roll container load during the delicate handling operations at full load.


    Test Caduta


    Cedi Roll are built in order to withstand the stresses caused by shocks to fall according to the standard UNI-EN, then subjected to drop tests with vertical load of 250 Kg and 500 Kg.


    Prova distorsione


    The torsion tests of the base at full load, are one of the key tests to ensure the seal in the safety of roll container during manual handling operations or with mechanical trolley.




    Load and values of towing force and thrust, tested and certified by recognized institutes as required by ISO 111228 regulation, are useful for the evaluation of values of mass load provided to employees who performs work activities of manual handling, trhust and towing. All the production of CediRoll is guaranteed by the construction according to European standards UNI-EN, which guarantees certifications of load and thrust values to all roll container.

    A roll container built according to European standards dictated by UNI-EN regulations with certified values ​​of towing and thrusting, is a tool able to ensure the proper training of personnel due to certain values​​, providing an adequate prevention of the diseases of the spine biomechanical overload, as foreseen by DL 9 April 2008, nr. 81 – “Testo Unico su salute e sicurezza”.



    Mass applied



    Thrust surface 

    in Gress_Spunto [N] 


    Thrust surfacein

    Gress_Rotolamento [N]


    Advantageous position

    500 76.6 49.0

    Disadvantageous position

    500 176.6 142.0


    Female population

    Male population

    Up to 10 cycles/minute for 2m of space Up to 10 cycles/minute for 2m of space
    Up to 4 cycles/minute for 8m of space Up to 4 cycles/minute for 8m of space
    Up to 1 cycles/minute for 15m of space Up to 2,5 cycles/minute for 15m of space
    Up to 1 cycle every 5 minutes for 30m of space Up to 1 cycle/minute for 30m of space
    Up to 1 cycle every 5 minutes for 45m of space Up to 1 cycle/minute for 45m of space
    Up to 1 cycle every 8 minutes for 60m of space Up to 1 cycle every 2 minutes for 60m of space


    La qualità Rollaway Container  

    Rollawaycontainer quality
    Every day more than 1 million of our items
    available for your work

    The quality of materials, steel and wheels are Italians, as all the production process. This is  our must, because we have always built and always buid our products with the aim of producing a tool that lasts.  

    All the weldings of net wires of walls are provided at 360°,  this not only for a qualitative need but especially for sensitivity to security. The loose wires with a roll container in use at full load represent one of the most dangerous situations of danger to the safety of workers  Rollcontainer Standard

    Since 2003, on the Cedi Roll is printed indelibly our trademark and date of production on 12 different points on the base and walls (the date of production on 6 different points), in order to allow the traceability of the product, but above all it allows to our users to see the renowned quality and durability. Rollcontainer Standard


    Since we start producing, our roll containers have a reinforced core which is inserted into the final part of walls; these internal reinforcements, added and fixed with punching, guarantee the seal and maintain the sizes and wall’s shape. The wall’s cross is printed with shaped ends housing in order to join perfectly to the wall’s frame and then with a weld line is able to ensure the best seal. The lower part of the wall is in fact the point that suffers stressed of load contained in a roll container; our constructive solution has been tested and then confirmed thanks to 250,000 units produced.

    Rollcontainer Standard

    The coupling springs of the wall, at the base, are printed in harmonic steel, treated by specific annealings, and only afterwards undergo the galvanizing treatment; this is to ensure a superior elasticity that allows the perfect closing of hooking and release in time, important in applications involving disassembly and reassembly, even daily. Rollcontainer Standard

    In 2009 we introduced the drain holes for the natural draining of rainwater during the phases of inactivity, in order to avoid unpleasant and unhygienic backups during overturning phases in the  mounting Rollcontainer Standard

    L'ambiente per Rollawaycontainer  

    Our attention for the environment
    Pruduce to grow in respect of all

    Since 2011, a photovoltaic system came into operation that allows the use of clean energy in our production site of Fossalta di Piave. 70% of the needed energy to build our products comes from the sun.  Fotovoltaico

    All production processes are carried out by robotic lines in order to guarantee the highest quality, but also a saving of waste material.  Linee robotizzate

    The galvanizing takes place in modern facilities certified with galvanizing treatments that meet all the standards of safety and environmental sustainability. Zincatura