Absorbents for spill control

Absorbents are solutions designed to collect spills of polluting liquids, oils or chemicals that could pose a danger to both operators and the environment. The use of this type of article allows for an adequate response to Italian legislation on safety at work (Law 9/4/2008, no. 81) and environmental protection (Law 3/4/2006, no. 152).

There are three main categories of industrial absorbents: universal absorbents, oil and hydrocarbon absorbents and chemical absorbents. Universal or general purpose absorbents are characterised by their grey colour and are also called MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) absorbents. They are designed to intervene in the event of spills involving non-aggressive liquids such as oil, water, coolants and solvents. 

The category of industrial oil and hydrocarbon absorbents, on the other hand, consists of products that absorb petroleum-based liquids but do not absorb water. This is why they are designed to be used for spills on the ground during meteorological precipitation. This type of product is coded by the colour white, which allows for quick identification and greater visibility.

A further category is chemical products absorbents, identified by the colour yellow, ideal for aggressive liquids such as acids, bases, oxidants and unidentified liquids. Finally, the range is complete with kits containing different types of products that allow spills to be dealt with in a timely manner, as well as spill covers and containment barriers to prevent spills from reaching manholes or unwanted areas.