Non slip stair treads, drain covers and spill barriers

Non slip stair treads, drain covers and spill barriers are indispensable tools to properly manage dangerous spills. These spills would pose a serious risk to the environment and to people's health, which is why it is essential to equip oneself with devices capable of preventing them in compliance with Italian legislation on safety at work (law no. 81, 9/4/2008) and on environmental protection (law no. 152, 3/4/2006).

Drain covers for manholes make it possible to prevent accidental liquid spills from entering open manholes or sumps. Suitable for contact with various hazardous substances, whether chemicals, oils or hydrocarbons, manhole covers are extremely easy to use and require no special maintenance.

Spill barriers are another indispensable safety product, together with non slip stair treads and many more. They are extremely versatile and reliable solutions. The material they are made of can be moulded and adapted to the needs of the location of the spill to be contained. In fact, this type of product can be installed in spaces of different sizes and shapes. 

Lastly, non slip stair treads represent indispensable solutions for securing and protecting walking surfaces: they improve the visual perception of steps, making them easier to spot even in poor visibility conditions. In addition, the insulating feature offers protection against electrical discharges.