Oil absorbents

Oil absorbents are ideal for use in all cases of spills of oil, hydrocarbons, paints and solvents on both soil and water. They are easy to use and durable products that can be reused until saturated. Thanks to the water-repellent feature of polypropylene, these types of oil absorbents float and do not absorb water, making them ideal for the collection of particular substances such as oils and hydrocarbons.

Different types of devices are available for absorbing oils and hydrocarbons, such as absorbent pads, absorbent rolls, pillows, floating socks, and drain booms. All of these products, manufactured using advanced technology, easily retain liquids and are therefore more preformant than traditional absorbents and save on disposal. 

Some of the available products, such as absorbent pads and socks, are recognised by the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security as suitable for use at sea in the event of hydrocarbon spills. This feature makes oil absorbents particularly useful in emergency scenarios such as ship accidents or oil spills at sea.

Products such as oil absorbents are a valuable resource for managing oil and hydrocarbon spills in a wide range of contexts. With their high absorption capacity, resistance and versatility, they offer an effective and reliable solution for keeping contaminated areas clean and safe, thus helping to preserve the environment and prevent environmental damage in compliance with Italian legislation on safety at work (Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, no. 81) and environmental protection (Legislative Decree 3 April 2006, no. 152).