Spill kits

Spill kits are solutions composed of different products that provide a quick and efficient response to hazardous spills. They contain specific absorbents for the collection of water-based, petroleum, hybrid and natural liquids such as oils, hydrocarbons, solvents, petrol, diesel, fats, acids, alkalis, detergents and gases dissolved in water. 

These kits are ideal to be placed in designated and easy-to-reach areas, so that prompt action can be taken in case of need, preventing damage to the environment or operators. They are designed to offer a rapid response solution in emergency situations. 

A wide range of anti-spill kits are available, in different formats and containing products to meet every need. There is a choice of universal, oil and hydrocarbon or chemical kits. The kits also come in different formats: kits in a bag or in a wheeled bin or box. 

Inside the spill kits there are various products such as absorbent pads, socka, pillows, but also safety devices such as gloves, goggles and disposal bags. The completeness of the kits makes it possible to respond to every type of need and to adequately meet Italian regulations on safety at work (law 9/4/2008, no. 81) and environmental protection (law 3/4/2006, no. 152).

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