Universal absorbents

Universal absorbents are usually dark grey or black in colour. They are ideal for collecting spills of water- or oil-based fluids and can also be used for non-aggressive and chemical liquids. This type of absorbent is ideal for use in industrial environments where spills may occur on a daily basis. 

A wide range of universal absorbents are available. You can choose from absorbent pads, absorbent rolls, socks, mats or granular absorbents. All these products comply with the Italian regulations on safety at work (Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, no. 81) and environmental protection (Legislative Decree 3 April 2006, no. 152).

The wide range of products available, in different formats, lends itself to use in numerous contexts, particularly the industrial one. In fact, in this type of environment, different types of liquids are used on a daily basis, both during production and maintenance phases, and the probability of spills is high. 

Universal absorbents are therefore an important resource for companies engaged in the responsible and eco-friendly handling of industrial liquids. Their versatility, efficiency and positive impact on the environment make them a valuable choice for ensuring workplace safety and promoting sustainable business practices.

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