Recycle bins

Recycle bins are the hygienic and compliant solution for the collection and disposal of rubbish and garbage. Proper waste management is essential to protect the environment and the wide range of bins allows you to manage it in a simple way. In fact, the different types, storage capacities and colors represent an answer to any need in the domestic, condominium, municipal and industrial areas.

Environmental sustainability the focus and to fully comply with this guideline the recycle bins are made of 100% recyclable high density HDPE polyethylene. In addition, the material they are made of makes the products resistant to UV rays, atmospheric agents and suitable for outdoor use.

The wide range of recycle bins includes rubbish bins with handles ideal for manual emptying in domestic environments and wheelie bins suitable for mechanical emptying. In fact, the latter can be tipped thanks to the comb attachment, making them suitable for mechanical collection on the road by the compactors in compliance with CE EN 840.

All recycle bins are UNE EN ISO 14001 certified for the management of environmental services, are available in stock in large quantities, in different colors to meet the needs of each Municipality and with capacities from 50 to 360 liters. Lastly, each bin is customizable thanks to a wide range of accessories.