Display stands and wire storage baskets

The display stands for shops are the practical and professional solution for displaying products in points of sale, such as supermarkets, perfumeries and clothing stores. Metal baskets are a versatile product as they allow you to store promotional goods in the middle of the aisle, between the shelves or at the cash desks, thus facilitating product viewing and facilitating their purchase. Thanks to the display units for shops it is possible to organize the point of sale in an effective and intuitive way. In order to meet different needs, the metal baskets are available in the foldable and lofty versions.

The folding displays stands are equipped with a structure that allows them to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily when needed. In addition, the folding structure proves practical in storage as it takes up limited space. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the bottom to different heights, the view of the products is always guaranteed regardless of the quantity inside the basket.

The wire storage baskets in the mouth of the wolf are made to allow the overlapping of several baskets. In addition, dividers and wheel kits are available to add to the display, facilitating its handling within the store.

The display stands for shops are made of chromed or galvanized steel. The available range has several versions with different sizes and capacities to meet various needs.

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