Single ladders

Single ladders are the ideal solution to reach heights at workplaces and home, in agricultural and viticulture sectors, for gardening and hobby. The range of products is vast and consists of multiple types of stepladders to reach different heights depending on the need. The products are light and easy to transport, rsulting perfect also in domestic environments and for use by non-technical personnel. These ladders have a maximum capacity of 100 to 150 kg and are guaranteed for endurance in use for up to 10 years.

Single ladders are available with riveted or screwed pegs, with support column, wideners to stabilize the climb and many accessories to customize and meet the different needs of the user. Furthermore, the different types of product allow to reach from 2 up to over 5 meters in height, in order to satisfy all needs.

In order to reach high places safely, single ladders are solid, stable and resistant, built in different materials in compliance with existing safety regulations. If all ladders comply with the consolidated safety text, as regards the EN131 standard, in the case of stairs exceeding 3 cm it becomes necessary to use the basic enlarger (supplied or optional) to reach these standards.

If a wall is available and you are looking for light support stairs for professional and domestic use, the wide range allows you to find the right product. Lastly, you will find the ideal solution also for agricultural environments both when it is possible to rest the ladder on a tree by inserting it between the crown, and when you need a stable support without the risk that the ladder gets caught in the branches.

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