Work platforms

Work platforms represent perfect solutions in any working environment where it is necessary to work at height. These stairs allow the operator to move safely on a large platform at the height of the desired work station and, thanks to the almost perpendicular backrest, to get very close to machineries. The mobility of these stairs is ensured by the 4 wheels that allow an easier movement towards the workplace.

The products are produced to guarantee safety and to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. In fact, the support platform is solid, the handrail facilitates the ascent, the bodyguard prevents the operator from falling and the self-braking system is activated when work platforms are in operation so as to avoid involuntary movement of the ladder.

The products are available in the bridge version, ideal when double ascent is necessary, and on stage when a single ascent is sufficient. The work platforms allow to work at heights of 2 to 4 meters. Within the wide range of ladders it is possible to choose the light and handy version or the one for professional and intensive use.

For all work platforms it is possible to choose the desired number of steps according to the height that must be reached. The products are designed for working environments and professional uses. In fact, they have a maximum capacity of up to 150 kg, are guaranteed for up to 5 years, comply with Legislative Decree 21/08 and UNIEN131 certificates.

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