Shopping carts

Shopping carts are the comfortable and professional solutions for transporting bulky expenses within shops. Indispensable in all supermarkets, shops, commercial spaces and small and large outlets, the shopping carts are available in standard colors, but can be customized with custom colors and the customer's brand. Furthermore, they are built in compliance with all safety regulations.

Made of painted steel or plastic, the shopping carts are produced in different types and capacities to meet all the needs of the sales area. In fact, there are 90-liter 4-wheeled trolleys suitable for small outlets and superettes, 100, 150 and 180-liter supermarket trolleys and 240-liter shopping carts for hypermarkets and shopping centers.

The different models allow to respect not only practical needs, but also different aesthetic canons. The wide range makes it possible to purchase the shopping carts that best suit the context of the store: classic shapes are available, but also compact trolleys adapted to the new formats in terms of space and aesthetics.

To meet ever-changing needs, the shopping carts are available with a wide range of accessories and wheels, which can be customized on request with customized colors, brand or customer logo. Finally, all products are built with reach and resistance certified by internationally recognized research institutes.