Single ladder professional Speciale S15/2

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The single ladder Speciale S15/2 in aluminum is a solution designed for professional use that allows you to reach heights in complete safety and facilitates work at height. This Made in Italy ladder model is perfect for making mezzanines, shelving or attics more accessible. The ladder is very solid and sturdy, thanks to the aluminum from which it is made: it is a solution that is perfectly suited to professional and intensive use. Safety during use is guaranteed by the double handrail included in the standard equipment of the ladder.

The steps of the single ladder are 150 mm deep, making it easy to climb. Climbing is also made easier by the 60° inclination of the ladder. In this way, the body will remain straight while climbing, which also makes it easier to carry objects while using the ladder.

You can choose between different ladder designs with a different number of steps. In fact, the versions available are 14, the smallest with 6 steps, while the largest has 19 steps. The 150 mm wide steps use an innovative 10-point, weld-free fastening system. The ladders are equipped with non-slip jointed feet and in the 12-step models must be fixed to the wall when used without a stabilising bar.

Included in the standard equipment of the single ladder are 2 horizontal handles that make it easier to use the last few steps. In the case of obstacles when disembarking, it is possible to select the option of vertical handles that will replace the horizontal ones. The maximum load capacity that the ladder can reach is 150 kg. The ladder complies with European Standard EN131 and Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008.

Various accessories are available to create the perfect single ladder to meet every need. The available accessories are: 25 mm diameter aluminium batten and hooks (short for when the ladder is in use and long for when the ladder is resting vertically against the wall) and supports.

Brand of the manufacturer.

Maximum capacity.Complies with European quality standards for sizing and resistance.Test passed at TÜV SÜD (stairs = UNIEN131 - stools = UNIEN 14183)Compliant with the legislative decree on safety n. 81 of 9 April 2008.

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Single ladder professional Speciale S15/2

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    Review for Single ladder professional Speciale S15/2

    Brand: Facal
    Code Aluminum ladder steps symbol Aluminum ladder profile size symbol A1 A2 A3 B Aluminum ladder stabilizer bar symbol Aluminum ladder weight symbol
      nr mm cm cm cm cm cm kg
    SCL6301 6 30x65 175 275 149 105 no 13,00
    SCL6302 7 30x65 200 300 173 115 no 14.80
    SCL6303 8 30x65 225 325 198 120 no 16,70
    SCL6304 9 30x65 250 350 217 132 no 18,50
    SCL6305 10 30x65 275 375 238 144 no 20,40
    SCL6306 11 30x65 299 400 261 155 no 22,30
    SCL6307 12 30x65 325 425 280 162 no 24,10
    SCL6308 13 30x65 350 450 307 177 no 26,00
    SCL6309 14 30x65 375 475 330 190 no 27,80
    SCL6310 15 30x65 400 500 349 205 no 29,70
    SCL6311 16 30x65 425 525 372 226 no 31,50
    SCL6312 17 30x65 450 550 390 240 no 39,80
    SCL6313 18 30x65 475 575 414 254 no 42,50
    SCL6314 19 30x65 500 600 436 267 no 44,00
    Common features: trunk width 56 cm, steps 150 mm deep, non-slip articulated foot, safety handrail, pair of horizontal handles
    Accessories: Aluminum batten Ø 25 mm, batten support, short and long hook for batten, pair of vertical grab handles
    Single ladder professional Speciale S15/2 dimensions