Solid folding pallet box 1200 x 800 H 973 heavy 695 Liters

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The solid folding pallet box 1200 x 800 H 973 is perfect for all businesses that are looking for a compromise between storage capacity and space optimization when not in use or when transporting empty. It is suitable for use in the industrial and agro-food sectors and, once knocked down, this box takes up about half the space. Furthermore, it can be stacked (both open and closed) in groups of 9/10 pieces.

The folding pallet box is suitable for contact with food and its structure confirms it: the smooth surfaces without sharp edges in the joints make it hygienic, leaving no room for any stagnation of liquids, and making it particularly easy to clean. The material with which it is produced, high density polypropylene, guarantees resistance and durability over time.

The accessory crosspieces increase the stability and sturdiness of the solid folding pallet box and make it suitable for handling with forklift trucks and pallet trucks. These crosspieces complement the 4 feet already supplied, just like the space for the application of the bar code. Alternatively, it is possible to equip the container with 4 central nylon wheels d. 800 mm (two fixed and two swiveling).

The internal dimensions of the solid folding pallet box are 1120 x 720 x 833 mm and the capacity is 695 litres. Finally, the container can be equipped, in addition to the crosspieces and wheels, with a lid and doors on the long and/or short side. The unit capacity of the container is 750 kg and this represents the maximum capacity of 1 single container. It is possible to stack up to 9/10 containers, in this case the maximum weight that can be contained in the whole stack is 7000 kg (static capacity). The values in the technical data sheets are to be considered valid in optimal conditions, i.e. room temperature 23°C without exposure to sunlight.

Solid folding pallet box 1200x800 H 973 heavy 695 Liters

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Contenitore in plastica per industria 1200 x 800 H 760 pesante litri 470
Solid folding pallet box 1200 x 800 H 973 heavy 695 Liters

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    Review for Solid folding pallet box 1200 x 800 H 973 heavy 695 Liters

    Code COPU128
    Material HDPE
    External dimensions with feet mm 1200x800x973
    External dimensions with croospiecies mm 1200x800x978
    Height folded with feet mm 465
    Height folded with crosspieces mm 470
    Internal dimensions mm 1120x720x833
    Capacity Liters 695
    Unitary capacity kg* 750
    Static capacity kg* 7000
    Stackable items n. 9/10
    Weight with feet kg 46
    Weight with 2/3 crosspieces kg 48,5/52
    * Tests performed in laboratory at 23° on models with 3 crosspieces.
    Material for industrial use stored outdoors
     Click here to download the facsimile of the food compliance declaration.
    Measures solid folding pallet box 1200x800 H 973 heavy 695 Liters