Stainless steel dolly

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The stainless steel dolly is the ideal and functional solution for safe and convenient handling of goods and products. The crate trolley can be used in any sector, including the food industry. It ensures quick storage of goods and practical stocking of the point of sale. The structure of the trolley is made in accordance with European standards: it can hold all 400x600 mm crates and GN containers.

The crate trolley with mesh platform is made of stainless steel with a 7 mm diameter rod, a double ring-shaped crate holder and 4 wheels with a diameter of 100 mm whose swivel supports are made of stainless steel. Thanks to its structure, the dolly facilitates the movement of the goods while ensuring their balance, and the swivel castors facilitate the use and transport of the product.

Fast and constant cleaning of the stainless steel dolly is possible thanks to the mesh structure, while ensuring surface hygiene, especially when transporting food products, where sanitisation is essential. In addition, the stainless steel composition allows the dolly to avoid oxide production over time.

The stainless steel dolly measures 410x620 mm externally, with a total usable surface area of 390x600 mm. Weighing 5.1 kg, the dolly handles goods with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg.

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Stainless steel dolly

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    Code Wheels
    PII0002PPI0F02 white nylon diam. 100
    PII0002PPI0F04 nylon polyurethan diam. 100
    Common features to all codes
    Overall dimensions mm 410x620
    Usable inner dimensions mm 390x600
    Weight kg 5,1
    Load capacity kg 200
    Mesh size mm 110x90
    Height from the ground mm 140
    Material Polished stainless steel