Telescopic crane fork with manual balancing

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The telescopic crane fork with manual balancing is the smart, multi-purpose and adaptable solution for lifting different types of materials: thanks to the telescopic structure, it is possible to change the height and distance between the forks and thus lift pallets and generally products of completely different sizes and weights. This type of fork is suitable for modest heights and therefore for use with crane cars or similar vehicles.

The available models of telescopic crane forks differ in size, weight and load capacity, but all are quite compact and manoeuvrable even when the load capacity becomes large and therefore the load itself tends to be larger. The load capacity starts at 1000 kg and goes up to 3000 kg, while the maximum weight is only 225 kg.

The hook of the crane fork is notched, so that the load can be secured even more securely by hand before lifting. The entire structure is made of high-quality painted steel. In addition, the crane fork is supplied complete with a belt to secure the load.

The telescopic crane fork is manufactured in accordance with the standards UNI EN 13155, UNI EN ISO 12100, UNI EN 349, UNI ISO 8686, UNI EN 10204 and is supplied with a metal label, certificate of conformity and use and maintenance manual, with the aim of providing all useful information for a safe and long-lasting use.

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Cassetta in plastica 600 x 400 H 430 mm
Telescopic crane fork with manual balancing

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    Review for Telescopic crane fork with manual balancing

    Brand: Boscaro
    Code Capacity kg B mm C mm D mm F mm Weight kg
    SOSR016 1000 25 90 1000-1450 330-1000 110
    SOSR017 1500 30 90 1000-1600 350-1000 145
    SOSR018 2000 35 100 1200-1800 350-1000 160
    SOSR019 2500 35 120 1200-1800 350-1000 215
    SOSR020 3000 35 120 1200-1800 350-1000 225
    Common features to all codes
    A mm 1000
    I mm 350

    Telescopic crane fork with manual balancing