Sack barrows

The sack barrows are indispensable tools for various transport needs, as they guarantee fast deliveries and work in total safety, even on particularly complex and hectic occasions. The trolleys are ideal for professional use but also in the home thanks to their versatility. In fact, they are indispensable for porterage activities, courier deliveries or for internal handling in warehouses. Furthermore, to meet different needs, each product has a structure specifically designed according to the load capacity and type of load.

To meet different needs, the sack barrow can be built in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. In addition, each version is equipped with precise accessories to facilitate its use: luggage trolleys with forks, with tubular platform or with oversized sheet metal platform for the transport of bulky goods.

The wheels are designed to ensure quick and safe use of the sack barrow. Depending on the model, the trolleys are equipped with solid anti-puncture wheels for heavy loads, or pneumatic wheels for lighter transport.

Finally, thanks to the wide range of sack barrows, it is possible to choose a resistant and quality tool, which allows you to be efficient and carry out your work with professionalism and precision.