Vertical drum lifting gripper

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The vertical drum lifting gripper is the perfect solution for lifting and handling drums vertically, ensuring maximum safety in movement and minimising the risk of damage caused by sudden jolting. This type of stability is especially important when dealing with liquid and chemical products whose spillage could cause damage to employees or to the surrounding environment. In fact, the gripper is capable of securing, lifting, transporting and releasing the drum while keeping it always in the same starting position without the need for an operator's help in any of the aforementioned phases.

An extremely useful accessory for cranes or crane trucks, the drum gripper clamps the drum vertically, holding it as it is moved and lifted, and then gradually releasing it as it is placed back on the ground.

The vertical drum lifting gripper is produced in accordance with UNI EN 13155, UNI EN ISO 12100, UNI EN 349, UNI ISO 8686, UNI EN 10204. It is therefore a safe product, suitable for even intensive professional use in the construction, industrial and other fields.

Lastly, the vertical drum lifting gripper is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity and a user and maintenance manual, as well as a metal label containing all product information. This is to ensure that it can be used safely and in accordance with standards right from the start and for a long time, with consistently excellent performance.

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Vertical drum lifting gripper
Vertical drum lifting gripper

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    Brand: Boscaro
    Code SOSR056
    Capacity kg 400
    Weight kg 10