Warehouse ladder professional Castellana Maxi

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The warehouse ladder Castellana Maxi is the professional solution designed for maximum comfort when climbing and maximum safety when moving. It is manufactured in Italy by Svelt and is the ideal solution when you need to work very close to walls or shelving: the perpendicular backrest is designed precisely for this. Its large dimensions make it ideal for intensive manual picking or for storing bulky goods where the operator needs to move safely when climbing up and down. The ladder is perfect for racking in large warehouses, logistics centres and large areas.

The warehouse ladder is equipped with steps and an oversized platform, a 100 cm body guard and handrail. The ascent is facilitated by the wide ramp, inclined at 55°, and the 20 cm deep non-slip flat steps. The ladder is built in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08 and European standard UNIEN131/7 (excluding the 12-step version for outdoor use and the 14-step version). Designed for professional use, the ladder is equipped with ergonomic folding handles that make it compact when folded. It is made of ribbed extruded aluminium and the steps are welded to the uprights to create an ultra-resistant monolith.

To meet ever-changing needs, the warehouse ladder is available in two models: a basic version equipped with a base stabilizer with ergonomic pads and 2 wheels Ø 125 mm and a version equipped with a kit of 4 pivoting wheels Ø 100 mm with adjustable foot brake.

This warehouse ladder is professional, supplied with user manual, has a maximum capacity of 150 kg and a 5-year warranty. Optional extensions include a resealable stabilizer and a safety chain for platform entry.

Marca del produttore.

Portata massima.Anni di garanzia.Conforme standard qualitativi europei per dimensionamenti e resistenza.Certificato del Politecnico di Milano (scale=UNIEN131-1-2-3-4 - sgabelli=UNIEN14183 - trabattelli=UNIEN1004).Conforme al decreto legislativo sulla sicurezza n. 81 del 9 aprile 2008.Conforme alla normativa europea sulla saldatura.Numero di persone che possono salire contemporaneamente.

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Scala a castello professionale Castellana Maxi
Warehouse ladder professional Castellana Maxi

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    Review for Warehouse ladder professional Castellana Maxi

    Brand: Svelt
    Code Ladder steps Platform height Total height Rear width Basic depth Ladder weight
      nr cm cm cm cm kg
    4 92 194 100 165 32,5
    5 115 217 100 181 35,5
    6 138 240 100 197 39,0
    7 161 263 116 213 43,5
    8 184 285 116 229 46,0
    9 207 308 132 245 49,5
    10 230 331 132 262 53,0
    11 250 351 132 275 56,5
    12 276 377 148 294 60,0
    14 322 423 148 326 69,0
    Common features: oversized platform 53x92 cm, reinforcement rods with accidental opening/closing prevention, tool-holder table 15 kg capacity, toe board 10 cm, 60cm-wide flight, 100 cm body guard, 40 cm-high handrail, non-slip flat steps 20 cm tread 23 cm pitch
    Accessories: resealable base stabilizer, safety chain
    The platform counts as a step
    *The 12 steps complies with EN131 / 7 for indoor use only (no wind)
    ** The 14 steps complies with Italian laws D.Lgs.81 / 2008