Warehouse ladder professional for narrow corridors Castellana Slim

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The warehouse ladder Castellana Slim is the most compact professional version of a warehouse ladder, ideal for passing through narrow aisles. It is designed for the corridors and aisles of warehouses, supermarkets, storage centres and all those places where slim but unballasted and, therefore, dangerous warehouse ladders are normally used. To avoid risks, the Castellana Slim manufactured in Italy by Svelt is designed precisely for this purpose. It allows you to work at height in total safety and, when used in supermarket aisles, leaves space for trolleys to pass.

In order not to give up stability even when space is limited, the stabiliser has been replaced by an anti-tip ballast. Once in use, the ladder is stationary and cannot be folded, but remains movable on the wheels provided. The stability of the ladder has been tested and proven and safety is also guaranteed thanks to the optional chain that closes the platform entry side.

The warehouse ladder is a comfortable and practical solution equipped with a handrail for easy ascent/descent and a platform on which goods can be placed for distribution on the shelves. In addition, it is a safe solution thanks to the rubber pads and non-slip steps spaced 24 cm apart.

The braking system is automatic: it is activated when the ladder is in use and is deactivated as soon as the ladder is lifted using the special handles. The warehouse ladder Castellana Slim is equipped with labels and user manual with maintenance, can support a maximum load of 150 kg and has a 5-year warranty.

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Portata massima.Anni di garanzia.Conforme al decreto legislativo sulla sicurezza n. 81 del 9 aprile 2008.

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Scala a castello professionale Castellana Slim per corridoi stretti
Warehouse ladder professional for narrow corridors Castellana Slim

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    Review for Warehouse ladder professional for narrow corridors Castellana Slim

    Brand: Svelt
    Code Ladder steps Platform height Total height Rear width Basic depth Ladder weight
      nr cm cm cm cm kg
    SCL3201 4 107 207 75 132 27
    SCL3202 5 132 232 75 147 29
    SCL3203 6 160 260 75 160 31
    SCL3204 7 187 287 75 176 33
    SCL3205 8 215 315 75 192 35
    SCL3206 9 237 337 75 206 37
    SCL3207 10 265 365 75 220 39
    SCL3208 11 290 390 75 237 41
    SCL3209 12 316 416 75 250 44
    SCL3210 13 347 447 75 265 46
    SCL3211 14 375 475 75 280 48
    SCL3212 15 390 490 75 295 50
    Common features: 2 wheels with self-braking system, reinforcement rods, climbing handrail, anti-tilt ballast, non-slip rubber pads, pitch between the steps 24 cm, flat non-slip rungs 10 cm
    Accessories: safety chain
    The platform counts as a step