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The warehouse step Minifly with platform is the professional product designed and manufactured by Svelt in Italy to respond mainly to the needs of supermarkets. In fact, it is the most suitable solution and the only one certified for this use. It replaces unsafe and inadequate stools, allowing shelves to be worked on and replenished safely and in compliance with the law thanks to its 360° protection. The step is available in a version with 2 or 4 wheels, depending on the level of mobility required, and with 1 or 2 steps to reach different heights. In addition, it is equipped with a 15 kg capacity wooden platform that allows the user to place boxes and various tools on it.

The Minifly is the ideal choice for employers who want to avoid injuries at low heights, as the use of non-compliant ladders is often the cause of workplace accidents. The ladder is built according to French E.M.E.R. standards to ensure an adequate level of safety for all supermarket operators who currently rely on unsuitable stools. The height of the ladder is determined in full compliance with the standards so that safety managers, companies and employers are protected in the event of an accident.

For additional safety, the professional warehouse step Minifly is equipped with a reinforced, non-slip aluminium platform with a 10 cm foot stop and a system that prevents unintentional ladder opening. In addition, the pads are made of PVC to prevent the ladder from slipping on the ground, the steps are 10 cm deep and the handrails support ascending and descending.

The warehouse step is sturdy, but remains compact thanks to the folding handrails and, once folded, only occupies 25 cm. In addition, it is lightweight and easily transportable thanks to the 80 mm diameter castors that lock when the user is at work so that there is no risk of unintentional ladder movement. Finally, the professional ladder has a maximum capacity of 150 kg, a 5-year warranty and, for added convenience, it is possible to choose the optional Sveltbag (a practical tool bag).

Marca del produttore.

Portata massima.Anni di garanzia.Conforme standard qualitativi europei per dimensionamenti e resistenza.Certificato del Politecnico di Milano (scale=UNIEN131-1-2-3-4 - sgabelli=UNIEN14183 - trabattelli=UNIEN1004).Conforme al decreto legislativo sulla sicurezza n. 81 del 9 aprile 2008.Conforme alla normativa europea sulla saldatura.Numero di persone che possono salire contemporaneamente.

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Warehouse step professional for picking Minifly

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    Review for Warehouse step professional for picking Minifly

    Code Ladder steps Platform height Total heigh Rear width Basic depth Ladder weight
      nr cm cm cm cm kg
    SCL5601 1 25 123 56 63 13,0
    SCL5602 1 25 123 56 63 13,0
    SCL5603 2 50 148 56 78 14,0
    SCL5604 2 50 148 56 78 14,0
    Common features: 49x44 cm non-slip platform with anti-accidental opening system and 10 cm toe-board, anti-slip pads, 10 cm tread step, 100 cm guard-rail on 4 sides, tool shelf 15 kg capacity, resealable painted handrails, 4 wheels diam. 80 mm
    Accessories: Sveltbag
    The platform counts as a step