Nylon castors

Nylon castors are the most suitable solution for use in extreme hot and cold conditions. For this reason, they are the product most used for the handling of trolleys and roll containers inside cold stores. In fact, unlike the more common plastic material, nylon guarantees a resistance to impacts and stresses even in conditions of temperatures well below freezing.

The range includes nylon castors of different heights and capacities to meet every need and allow optimal sliding of the industrial trolley according to the surfaces of use. The wheels are available with or without brake and in the fixed versions, swivel with galvanized steel plate support and bolt hole swivel.

Nylon wheels are technical, professional and quality solutions. They represent the ideal choice to move industrial trucks and roll containers quickly and easily whatever the temperature of the environment in which they are used.

In the event that nylon castors are mounted on industrial transport or work trolleys that must be moved for long distances made of linear sections and curves, it is advisable to mount both swivel and fixed wheels by purchasing two types of wheels: in this way a greater governability of the trolley is guaranteed.

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