Wire storage basket H 400

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The wire storage basket 400 mm high is the large and modular floor display, perfect for showcasing various types of goods. It is the ideal solution whether it is positioned outside, in front of the aisles or at the cash desk. The display thus becomes an essential tool for clothing stores, supermarkets, perfumeries and bazaars. In addition, it can also be used as a display for market stalls, alongside other mobile equipment used by street vendors.

The structure of the wire storage basket is designed and built to allow the optimization of spaces. In fact, it is possible to stack up to 4 baskets and make good use of every inch available, even in height. In addition, the possibility to stack different baskets allows you to arrange the goods on separate levels based on their category.

The wire storage basket is made of galvanised steel wire and is available in different models with a height of 400 mm: the wide range allows you to choose the model that best suits your space and capacity requirements.

Maximum customization is guaranteed by the possibility of accessorising the wire storage basket by choosing from the optional dividers, the wheel kit to move the basket quickly and easily and the feet kit which, raising the basket, facilitates cleaning of the floor underneath the storage basket.

Dimensions wire storage basket H 400

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Cesto contenitore a bocca di lupo da 950 mm
Wire storage basket H 400

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    Code A B H Capacity
    CEA0029 640 400 400 85
    CEA0030 950 400 400 55
    CEA0014 640 500 400 115
    CEA0031 950 500 400 75
    CEA0015 990 500 400 75
    CEA0032 1250 500 400 60
    CEA0033 1320 500 400 60
    CEA0034 640 600 400 145
    CEA0035 950 600 400 95
    CEA0036 990 600 400 95
    CEA0037 1250 600 400 75
    CEA0038 1320 600 400 75
    CEA0016 990 700 400 115
    CEA0039 1250 700 400 90
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