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The wire storage basket insertable is the ideal solution for displaying goods and optimizing space. The particular structure, in fact, allows them to be stored vertically, reducing the volume occupied which is equal to 1/3 of the volume occupied by other stackable baskets. It is therefore the ideal choice for retailers, but also for clothing stores, supermarkets, perfumeries, bazaars and, in general, for the furnishing of any retail space.

Also ideal as a product rack for markets to be placed side by side with other equipment for street vending, the insertable wire storage basket can be stacked up to 4 levels (for stacking it is mandatory to purchase the special supports in galvanized steel, using 4 for each basket). This allows you to optimize space but also to divide different goods on different levels.

The wire storage basket insertable is made of galvanised steel wire and is available in different models of varying sizes and capacities. The range allows you to choose the product that best suits your needs in terms of space and capacity.

It is possible to customize the bottleable container basket by selecting some options such as the 4 swivel castor kit or the 4 galvanized feet to be positioned as the base of the basket, but also the divider. The last-mentioned, available in different sizes, allows to optimize the space inside a container which can then be used to display goods of different types based on their category.

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Cesto contenitore a bocca di lupo da 950 mm
Wire storage basket insertable

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    CEA0017 960 500 350 85
    CEA0040 1050 500 350 105
    CEA0018 960 700 450 100
    CEA0041 1050 700 450 125
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