Work platform professional double sided

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The work platform is the safe and practical professional solution thanks to the two ramps that allow access to the platform from both sides. The aluminium platform and guard-rails make this ladder ideal for working at heights in a comfortable and stable manner, making the user feel safe and minimising the risk of injury. The ladder is produced in Europe by Svelt, a leading manufacturer of ladders. To reduce transport costs, it is supplied disassembled, but its assembly is easy and intuitive thanks to the instruction booklet provided.

The work platform complies with European standard EN131 and Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, and is therefore suitable for professional use. For this reason, the structure is made of extruded aluminium and the ladder is equipped with a 60x80 cm platform with foot stop and 1m high guard rail. To increase safety, the flat steps are non-slip and the ladder is equipped with a handrail for climbing up.

The mobility of the professional work platform is ensured by its four 125 mm diameter wheels, two of which are self-braking thanks to the presence of springs. The self-braking system is activated once the ladder is in use and is deactivated when the operator descends. The ladder is completed by flat steps, 20 cm deep and 20 cm apart, and a 55° inclined ramp.

The professional work platform has a maximum load capacity of 150 kg, a 5-year warranty and is supplied with an operating and maintenance manual and test certificate in accordance with Italian regulations. For added convenience, it is possible to add the optional Sveltbag, a practical tool bag; for a safer ascent, extra handrails can be installed, which can also be selected from this model's accessories.

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Portata massima.Anni di garanzia.Conforme standard qualitativi europei per dimensionamenti e resistenza.Conforme al decreto legislativo sulla sicurezza n. 81 del 9 aprile 2008.Numero di persone che possono salire contemporaneamente.

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Work platform professional double sided

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    Review for Work platform professional double sided

    Code Ladder steps Platform height Total height Base dimension Ladder weight
      nr cm cm cm kg
    SCL4101 3 66 157 77x151 40,0
    SCL4102 4 90 181 82x179 43,0
    SCL4103 5 114 205 88x207 47,0
    SCL4104 6 138 229 94x235 52,0
    SCL4105 7 162 253 100x262 58,0
    SCL4106 8 186 277 107x299 65,0
    Common features: guard-rail on 2 free sides 100 cm high, 2 handrails, 20 cm pitch between the non-slip steps, 6 cm high foot rest, oversized platform 60x80 cm, 55 ° climb ramp inclination, 4 self-braking wheels of 125 mm diameter
    Accessories: additional handrail, Sveltbag
    The platform counts as a step