Workshop cabinet 1023x555 H 2000 with 2 doors

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The workshop cabinet 1023x555 height 2000 mm is the two-door technical solution, ideal for making your workshop, industry or any technical department a safer place. The cabinet allows you to store objects, tools and documents in their place with a solution adaptable to different needs thanks to the customization of the shelves and drawers. It is perfect if you are looking for a solution that reduces clutter and optimizes search times for objects, while also reducing the risk of accidents due to the lack of order itself.

The workshop cabinet is made by welding sheets of thick steel sheet, subsequently treated with systems that make the product robust and resistant to corrosion. The raw materials that make up the cabinet are of high quality and the advanced processes with which the product is treated make it particularly resistant to intensive and heavy use.

The cabinet is modular in order to obtain a solution that meets every need: it is possible to choose the number of shelves and drawers depending on how you wish to organize the interior space. Each shelf has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg, each simple extension drawer has a maximum load capacity of 50 kg and each telescopic extension drawer (100% extension) has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg. 

The workshop cabinet is available in 3 standard colors: grey RAL 7035,  blue RAL 5012, and gray RAL 7035 + 7016; it is fitted with 2 blind doors and is available in the monoblock version with cylinder lock with double key. Furthermore, it is equipped with a grommet hole for connecting a multisocket for charging tools directly into the compartments (multisocket not included). Finally, the cabinet is delivered with 2 brackets for fixing to the floor and 2 for fixing to the wall: if drawers at a height greater than 1 meter are inserted in the cabinets, it is mandatory to choose the wall fixing option.

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Workshop cabinet 1023x555 H 2000 with 2 doors

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    Monoblock workshop cabinet structure
    Code and color Dim. ext. mm WxDxH
    Dim. int. mm WxDxH
    Capacity kg
    FFAA14000004 blue
    FFAA14000008 grey
    FFAA1420C000PD grey and anthracite
    Standard: keylock, grommet hole, 2 wall fixing brackets and 2 floor fixing brackets
    Code and color Description
    FFAC25000199 grey Adjustable galvanised shelf, dim. 995x500 H 35 mm, capacity 120 kg. Complete with 4 fixing hooks. Not usable if the perforated back wall is fitted.
    FFAC12000004 blue
    FFAC12000008 grey
    FFAC9912180039 anthracite
    Simple extraction drawer (88%), dim. 906x447 H 85 mm (front H 100 mm), capacity 50 kg. 
    FFAC12500004 blue
    FFAC12500008 grey
    FFAC9912190039 anthracite
    Telescopic extraction drawer (100%), dim. 906x447 H 85 mm (front H 100 mm), capacity 100 kg. 
    FFFH02000100 grey 4 slotted longitudinal dividers 457 mm, 4 transversal dividers 151 mm.
    FFFH02000200 grey 5 slotted longitudinal dividers 457 mm, 10 transversal dividers 151 mm.
    FFFH02000600 red 12 divider boxes 150x75 mm, 12 divider boxes 150x150 mm.