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Each product is easy to study thanks to large and actual photos, a brief description, one or more data sheets, which can be downloaded in PDF, technical detailed information and a subdivision of product's strenghts on the subject of safety, quality and environment.

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At the page's side you see a list of suggested items which are usually used with the product you are consulting or it is in the shopping cart, while in the bottom's page you will see possible alternative solutions.

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Some products can be customized using the drop-down menu and the price will be updated by default. Once the customization is completed, it is possible to choose quantity and add to the cart. If you wish items, which are differently configurated, it will be enough repeating the step for each of them. The simple products have not customization, instead.


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Help for products selection

In the below part of some items, if available, there is a section where the customer can obtain further information about safety, quality and environment of the consulted product.

Icona sicurezza Safety


Safety is the natural development of our preference to quality; since the beginning we produce tools which represent our idea of high professionalism and from over 10 years this research is sensitive to subjects of worker safety who use our products. We make use of the experience of important consulting studies about company safety and the main collaboration with institutes of research and product development internationally recognized such as TUV and Catas Spa which allow us to test and certify our products and make them suitable to the applicable strictest regulations in terms of safety.

Icona qualità Quality


The quality of what we manufacture is more than a need dictated by the market, is a principle on that we believe, produce tools that last in the future, designed for those who use them daily in their work. Really from the developed experiences in the several solutions studied for the different logistic fields where our items are used and especially by the requests of those who use them, our research begins in order to improve and upgrade our solutions.

Icona ambiente Environment  

Thinking about a new way to manufacture, to do business, grow together and respecting who collaborate in our daily work, with a production system that is the most possible environmentally sustainable: this is our creed. Not only clean energy, but also skilled labor and materials of first choice, favouring work, intelligence and Italian production capacity, asking our suppliers to do the same.

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