Cardboard packing boxes and corrugated cardboard

Cardboard packing boxes and corrugated cardboard are ideal solutions for handling packaging and palletising, but also for moving, shipping and food transport. All cardboard packing boxes are made of the highest quality material, making them durable and reliable, and come complete with the international 'High', 'Moisture-Resistant' and 'Fragile' symbols. In addition, customised and tailor-made boxes can be produced on request.

Cardboard packing boxes are used in many sectors, representing the convenient and safe packaging for household appliances, plastics, shoe factories, the textile industry, furniture factories, the food and wine industry. In addition, the boxes are also ideal solutions for domestic use, for handling small shipments or removals.

Available in different sizes, with single wall for light loads and double wall for heavy loads, the various cardboard packing box models offer a specific solution for every need. In addition, for greater resistance to moisture and to ensure better adhesion of the adhesive tape, the boxes are made of corrugated cardboard coated with kraft paper.

To meet ever-changing needs, the range is complete with corrugated cardboard rolls to package and protect irregular products, to fill gaps inside boxes or to be placed on the bottom and as a divider when preparing pallets.

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