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Sales condition

The following sales conditions (applicable only for Italy) are considered known by the customer and each order means the acceptance. These sales condition are not applied to products export outside of Italian country, for those are foreseen different contractual condition.
Moreover, if the supplied products to the customer in Italy are then exported from this, it is customer's liability to obtain, at his/her own expenses, all required licenses and permissions.

1 - Prices
Prices are indicated in Euro excluding VAT and are ex-works, packaging included. Freight costs (valid for the country – smaller islands, disadvantaged areas and excluded free zones – unloading and positioning excluded) will be indicated on the invoice. The agreed prices are calculated according to the price list in force at the time of order. Srl reserves the right to change prices without notice. When prices are not expressly indicated or in the case of supplies relating to products not listed in the web or paper catalogue of Srl, prices must be specifically agreed and confirmed in writing by the seller before sending the product.

2 – Terms of payment
Our invoices can be paid:

  • PayPal.
  • Credit card.
  • Bank transfer.

It agrees that the selected payment method is subject to the acceptance by the seller.
Our sales office may contact you for any clarification and / or approvals.

3 - Deliveries / Transports
The shipment is payable by purchaser. In the costing of the shipping fees, it is not foreseen the extra charges applied by the couriers to the smaller islands, disadvantaged areas such as old towns and delivery on floors; this will be calculated only after having received the order. We will suggest you asking for a quote before placing your order. The goods travel always on behalf and at purchaser's own risk. Therefore the seller is not responsible for deterioration, damages, delays, fines or other detriments and damages of any kind that may occur during transport. Purchaser shall be responsible for inspecting the delivery immediately and in case of claims, notify the acceptance with defect of goods in the transport document. This is also applied in case of deliveries ex warehouse. For deliveries of online purchases, we use exclusively our express service courrier; for those voluminous orders we suggest asking a customized offer directly to the company where it is possible to consider other means of transport.

Click here to request an offer.

4 - Delivery time and delay
In case of products which are interesting for the purchaser and they are on stock (this information is highlighted near the item), delivery time could be between 5 and 10 working days, according to delivery date and destination; instead in case of products which are available on request (information highlighted near the item), delivery time depends on the type of product and the ordered quantity, they will be calculated during the order and it would be not less than 10 working days. For both products (on stock and on request), are valid the general sales condition. The delivery time indicated in the order confirmation is not binding for the seller, being only an approximate and presumed date; delivery time is at favour of seller and it begins from the order confirmation date. However, after 120 days from order confirmation date without any goods delivery, the purchaser shall have the right to withdraw from the sale. The purchaser has only the right of withdrawal, any other demands, neither compensation, could be asked for.

5 - Items not included in the catalog in force
Items included in the previous catalogues but not in that in force, if availables, will be supply with updated prices. These prices will be communicated from the seller before the order confirmation. The order for these articles extra-catalogue cannot be considered “mail order” as foreseen by law which regulates sales outside of commercial premises (law N. 50 of 15.01.1991). This excludes the right of withdrawal foreseen by law. - Customized products (even if offered in the catalogue) or other items designed and/or supplied as requested by purchaser , cannot be considered “mail order” as foreseen by law which regulates sales outside of commercial premises (law N. 50 of 15.01.1991). This excludes the right of withdrawal foreseen by law.

6 - Right of withdrawal
The seller recognizes to purchaser the right of withdrawal. The purchaser can make use of this right within 14 days from goods receipt, sending to the seller a certified letter with return receipt (the postmark is the proof). The purchaser can also send the communication by e-mail at or fax +39 421 306462 always within terms above indicated and providing that it is confirmed per certified letter with return receipt within following 48 hours. The purchaser has to give back the goods within 14 days from the withdrawal communication. Delivery charges are payable by the purchaser. The main integrity of goods is an essential requirement, in order to apply the right of withdrawal. The seller undertakes to refund the purchaser the paid amount without interests, except accessories charges. The right of withdrawal may be exercised only if the purchaser is a natural person, who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity.

7 - Transfer of ownership
The goods delivery to the courier or carrier means the transfer of ownership to the purchaser and from this moment the goods travels on behalf and at purchaser's own risk; the seller is considered acquitted from any liability. The seller shall be not responsible for deterioration, damages, delays, fines or other detriments and damages of any kind that may occur during transport. Purchaser is responsible to take care about requests, claims and any other kind of actions towards third parts (carriers, insurance companies ).The seller reserves the right to use all legal means at its disposal to get what is due.

8 – Warranty
All and only the items included in the catalog in force are guaranteed for quality or manifacture defects for a period of 2 years from delivery date. This guarantee is valid under the following condition:

  • Any complaints must be notified to the seller, subject to revocation, by certified letter to be sent within 7 days of receipt of goods in case of faults or apparent defects, or, in case of occult faults and defects, within 7 days from its check. In any case, no claim may be made past 30 days of goods receipt (it means from the date on which it is received at the address specified by the purchaser).
  • In case of acknowledgement, both conventional and judicial, of any complaint raised by the purchaser, the seller is only required, at its option, to replace the quantity of the checked goods, or refund or cancel the paid invoice amount. Transport costs and / or returning items under warranty are on the seller, only and solely if the seller has in advance recognized the warranty right and solely with the indicated carrier by the seller in the original packaging.
  • The purchaser recognizes that the warranty as before given by the seller absorbs any possible liability of this last, in order to exclude any compensation action a cause of direct and/or indirect damages due to faults and/or defects of goods, as any other possible claim and/or exception by the purchaser.
  • Even in case of complaint validly proposed, the purchaser cannot start actions, which could be of its competence, and cannot oppose the pertinent exceptions, without having done in advance the expired payments, or cannot delay or suspend the foreseen payments. 
  • They are out of warranty the damages caused by normal wear, improper use and by missing maintenance.

9 - Specification
All samples, drawings, descriptive matter, technical data, dimensions weights, specifications and advertising issued by the seller and any descriptions or illustrations contained in the catalogue are indicative and could be changed by the seller during the validity of catalogue, on the condition that the basic characteristics will be not modified. As foreseen by art. 18 of decree 2005-829 regarding the composition of electric and electronic products and the elimination of garbage which come from these products, the obligations involved in the organization and financing of recycling and treatment of these wastes, are transferred to the purchaser. For this reason, the purchaser is responsible to insure against the recycling of the purchased product, its treatment and its increase as foreseen by art. 21 of the mentioned decree.

10 - Minimum order
The minimum amount to be invoiced is Euro 100.00 excluding VAT, below this amount will not accept single orders. In all cases of force majeure such as strikes, lockouts, labour disputes, acts of terrorism, act of God, fire, flood, storm, war, riot, malicious damage etc., srl will be exempted from the obligation of dispatch, while such cases can not be a reason for the cancellation of the order by the purchaser. The order confirmations of the customer are accepted with nullity of the clauses contained in it and the suggested order is not binding for the seller.

11 - Validity
The technical data, prices and sales conditions cancel and replace those in advance published and they are valid until the publication of next catalogue.

12 - Jurisdiction
For all matters not expressly foreseen in the previous articles, it applies to rights contained in the Civil Code. Venice court will be responsible for price collection and, in general, for the contract execution, as to decide in order to disputes arising from this contract.

13 – Information
According to Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (“Code for the Protection of Personal Data), you have the right to access or correct your personal data. If you wish to exercise this right, please write to: srl - Via Luigi Cadorna, 56-58 - 30020 Fossalta di Piave (Venice) - Italy.

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