Shipping containers and ISO shipping containers

Shipping containers and ISO shipping containers are the generously sized alternative for storing large volumes of goods or equipment. The construction quality guarantees the long-term durability of these storage systems, which are made of durable and unalterable materials such as steel and sheet metal. Thanks to the large gates with which these products are equipped, it is particularly convenient to store even bulky goods.

Many variants are available based on overall dimensions for shipping containers and ISO shipping containers in various standardised sizes to simplify intermodal logistics operations and facilitate international transport.

Shipping containers are manufactured products designed for maritime transport and international logistics operations. They have standardised dimensions to ensure the compatibility required for intermodal freight transport. Made of steel, they have practical full-opening doors to facilitate the entry of even very bulky goods and speed up loading/unloading operations.

Protecting the tools needed for work on the construction site or in the company from damage by atmospheric agents, theft or improper use is fundamental: for these purposes, ISO shipping containers are the perfect solution. They are artefacts designed and manufactured to be used for warehousing and storage to create secure outdoor storage facilities.