Spill containment platforms

Spill containment platforms are floors suitable for the storage of containers of hazardous substances. In fact, it is possible to use these tubs as if they were storage floors. The structure allows to collect involuntary spills of liquid that will not fall to the ground risking to enter the environment and put the health of workers at risk, but will remain in a place suitable for its containment.

The range is complete with spill containment platforms made of carbon steel, available in different sizes to meet ever-changing needs. In fact, these tubs make it possible to cover loading surfaces up to 11 m².

Spill containment platforms in galvanized steel are also available, thus allowing maximum customization. These tubs are made up of flooring elements that can be joined to create larger or smaller structures.

To meet the ever-changing needs, spill containment platforms in polyethylene are also available, these too modular, guaranteeing maximum customization and being particularly suitable for containing acids, alkaline solutions, oils and chemicals.