Dust collectors

Dust collectors are the indispensable allies in any carpentry workshop or in any case wherever you work with woodworking machines as without using this tool the machinery would go towards accelerated wear, making their use less safe. Also for this reason, it is absolutely not allowed to remove the suction tube or try to replace the bag while the machine is on, so as not to powerfully disperse the waste that had been sucked up.

Unlike a normal vacuum cleaner, dust collectors tend to be more characterized by a greater suction in terms of air volume rather than power, and this precisely to ensure that the chips enter the machine easily but that the tube and bag do not need to be cleaned or replaced continuously.

The aspiration system of the dust collectors works through a stop of cyclonic current produced by the movement of a propeller powered by the motor and thanks to this movement it is able to create a more powerful aspiration effect without using more energy.

There are dust collectors with different powers and capacities, from those that can be attached to a single machine to those with three attachments, to fixed ones up to those with trolley. All our suction machines are service machines and therefore not suitable for continuous activities for long periods.