Storage lockers for schools and work places

Storage lockers for schools and work places are the technical and safe solution for storing personal items without having to keep them with you when you don't need them. The wide range includes cabinets for storing books, cell phones, documents and all those objects that you cannot carry with you while working or in class. In addition, the solutions with shelves guarantee the integrity of the books and dictionaries and the safety of all products is guaranteed by the key or padlock.

Storing heavy objects and books in the appropriate filing cabinets reduces the risk of back pain and muscle pain by increasing individual well-being. In addition, the storage lockers allow you to reduce the size of your backpack or personal bag. In fact, it is possible to store everything that is used throughout the day such as personal hygiene products, cosmetics and much more directly in the lockers.

The wide range of storage lockers responds to different needs and allows you to find the right product for the collection of dirty clothes in hospitals, canteens and laboratories. In addition, it will be easy for an office manager or department to distribute documents or clothing to staff in a single solution. In fact, it will be able to optimize the times by placing them in the compartments of the inspection boxes which will only be accessible to the correct recipient.

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