Step stools

Step stools are designed and manufactured for professional, even intensive, and domestic uses. These products are convenient and practical solutions for arranging objects and storing documents on shelves that are not too high in the office, archive or at home. In addition,  in domestic environments, thanks to the the upper support surface, they easily but safely helps to dust high shelves of wardrobes, hang pictures and much more.

The main characteristics of the products are strength, resistance and lightness. Thanks to their strengths it is possible to use step stools to make daily activities in complete safety, without relying on unstable chairs and thus reducing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, they are compact and, once closed, they can be easily stored in small spaces.

It is possible to choose step stools with double ascent or with single ascent and with narrow or wide steps for greater ease of ascent. In addition, products are made of different materials and designed for different uses: for domestic use it is possible to find step stools in plastic, steel and aluminum; for professional use stools are available in aluminum and to be used use for office-footrest they are in plastic.

The range of step stools is vast and allows to choose the most suitable solution for each need, but to guarantee safety, all products are tested and respectful of European regulations, have a maximum capacity of up to 150 kg and are guaranteed for up to 5 years. Lastly, the EN14183 mark confirms their testing carried out by organizations recognized at European level.

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