Insulated containers for logistics

Insulated containers are the solutions for integrated logistics of food at controlled temperature. They are the isothermal containers indispensable in large-scale food distribution as they allow you to simultaneously deliver fresh and frozen products together with dry products packaged at room temperature, ensuring significant savings in time and costs. In addition, the proposal of containers is complete with a supplied range of accessories and customizations to meet all the needs of different types of distribution cycles.

The wide range is complete with professional solutions for the management of large volumes of fresh or frozen food within the distribution processes typical of large-scale food distribution. Transporting food in insulated containers allows you to maintain the temperature and quality of the food transported.

A wide choice of insulated containers is available with load capacities from 600 liters up to 1170 liters and in the palletized versions for handling with forklifts, transpallets and order pickers, or on wheels for direct deliveries to small stores or for less easy deliveries for the use of pallet trucks.

The insulated containers are in the ATP regime, i.e. the certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport which certifies compliance with the international treaty which regulates the characteristics of the means capable of transporting perishable products by road.

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