Pliers, wire cutters and nippers

The pliers are part of the assortment needed in all workshops, industries, production departments and laboratories. These are tools that can be used to carry out many jobs and activities. The main function is that which allows him to grasp and hold different objects. However, they can also be used for cutting. These are therefore tools that have multiple uses in many sectors, such as construction, mechanics or even electronics. They are all tools made with excellent raw materials and therefore are able to offer great resistance and sturdiness.

The pliers offerd a selected assortment of the most requested models which are often used simultaneously to carry out the machining. Thanks to the handles covered in PVC they guarantee a firm and ergonomic grip which makes it easier to handle the tools. The off-centered pin makes it possible to increase the leverage effect by reducing the effort when using the tool.

Thanks to the presence of sharp and cutting jaws, the wire cutters allow you to cut wires or cut metal bars. Usually used for specific processes, it allows to shear solid and round metal pieces. It is a tool particularly used especially in construction, metallurgy, electrical and mechanical fields.

Thanks to the perfect alignment of the jaws and the thinned profile, the pliers that are part of the wide range of products are able to guarantee maximum precision even for operations that occur in conditions of limited space.