Woodworking machines

Woodworking machines include a wide range of products, which can be used to perform various functions. In fact, machines are available that can perform professional processing on pieces of wood and machines suitable for use by hobbyists. All our machines are to be considered as service machines and not as production machines. They are in fact designed to be used intermittently during daily activities, and not continuously as can happen in the production departments.

Lathes for wood are stationary woodworking machines that allow you to hold a piece of wood firmly by rotating it on itself on a horizontal axis. In this way it will be possible for the operator to work the wood with different tools, carrying out turning, facing and profiling operations. They can be equipped with a base or placed on work benches.

The thicknessers planers make it possible to make the surface of the worked piece of wood smooth and make it possible to change its thickness. There are surface planers with which you can only planing, thickness planers to give a certain thickness to the piece of wood, and finally there are combined machines that perform both processes. The wood saws on the other hand are machines that allow for cutting pieces of wood with different shapes.

Scroll saws and sanders are used to shape the piece of wood. The former are essential for making precise and clean straight cuts or at very wide angles, and depending on the model they are able to cut different types of wood. The latter are used to file and smooth the surfaces or edges of the wood and can be disc or belt, horizontally or vertically.

Dust collectors are essential to keep the machinery for processing and the same space in which they are placed clean and tidy, in fact, thanks to a type of aspiration that produces a cyclonic effect, these woodworking machines are able to suck up sawdust and shavings. while working on the piece of wood through a pipe.