Tool lockers

The tool lockers are the technical solution and are suitable for heavy use, designed and manufactured to allow you to store each tool and each tool in its place. They represent the perfect way to put in order your workshop or your technical and industrial department. The cabinets are monobloc with double key lock and are supplied as standard with 2 brackets for fixing to the floor and 2 for fixing to the wall. The tool lockers are modular according to your needs and, therefore, you can choose the number of shelves, drawers and frames.

The shelves of the tool lockers are adjustable, the drawers are available in the version with simple extraction (87% extraction) and with telescopic extraction (100%) and it is possible to house the bushing frames. In addition, the frames are entirely welded and can be inside the drawers or suspended inside the wardrobe.

The wide range of tool lockers allows you to find the suitable solution depending on the space available. When space is limited, the 1023x555 mm wardrobe and the sliding or shutter doors will be ideal, if instead there are no space limits, the 2046x600 version is the right one. Furthermore, for a quick consultation of the content without opening doors, it is possible to choose the locker with polycarbonate doors.