Stair climbing trolleys

The stair climbing trolleys are the practical and indispensable solution for those who need to transport and move goods having to face steps or similar obstacles. The use of stair climbing trolleys is essential for delivering goods to floors, for moving needs or for porter companies and, in general, for anyone who needs to overcome stairways, platforms, bridges and different levels of height where there are steps.

The stair climbing trolleys are versatile, easy to use and guarantee practical handling on any type of obstacle. Thanks to these trolleys, it is possible to transport goods, even if heavily loaded, in total safety. In fact, using stair climbing trolleys, in addition to facilitating transport, also reduces the risk of accidents deriving from the transport of heavy goods.

Using a stair climbing trolley therefore means relying on a quality tool that allows you to deal with complex operations easily, increasing the safety and productivity of operators who are thus able to transport large quantities of load quickly.

The stair climbing trolleys are available in several versions to meet the different transport needs. All products are made in compliance with the Italian consumer code. Finally, the safety and reach of each product have been tested and verified by the manufacturer.

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