Sockets and accessories

Sockets are a fundamental part of the supply of tools within workshops and industries. In fact, these are tools commonly used in carrying out self-repairs and for general maintenance. These are tools that are indispensable in the daily activities of this type of company and it is therefore necessary to have a quality product capable of withstanding the considerable daily stresses without failing. The keys available are made with quality raw materials that guarantee these characteristics.

Sockets are available in different formats, sizes and lengths. In this way it is possible to equip the supply of company tools with a wide variety of keys that allow to satisfy different needs. In addition to the keys, the accessories included in the assortments make available a complete supply of tools to carry out the work.

The practical plastic boxes that contain the assortment of tools allow you to easily store and transport the equipment. Thanks to the plastic cases, in fact, the tools inside will always be easily identifiable when necessary and neatly positioned when on the move.

Sockets are available in different sizes. From hex keys to those for Torx screws. In addition, each assortment has keys of different sizes and lengths. Thanks to the plastic boxes, the keys and related accessories can be stored reducing the overall space.

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