Shopping carts wheels

The shopping carts wheels are the professional, silent and hygienic solutions for moving supermarket trolleys. These are the essential replacement products to replace worn wheels and move carts smoothly without sacrificing respect for surfaces and the correct level of hygiene. Furthermore, the materials they are made make them silent and delicate on the floor and the careful and quality production makes them products in accordance with European standard EN 12530.

The wide range is complete with shopping cart wheels equipped with different types of attachment to meet every need. In fact, wheels without support, wheels with bolt hole support and wheels complete with threaded rod are available.

To guarantee hygiene, the shopping carts wheels are equipped with a thread guard that prevents threads and dirt from wrapping around the wheel, blocking its movement. Furthermore, the structure of the roller cage is also designed to protect the wheels from dirt: the two gyrosphere are hermetically sealed.

To meet ever-changing needs, the shopping carts wheels are available in the version for flat surfaces, but also in the version suitable for moving walkways (treadmill-type stairs), found in many supermarkets and shopping centers.

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