Changing room benches

Changing room benches are essential for making the space inside a changing room more organized and functional. In fact, they allow you to have a practical seat and a support station to use when changing clothes. It is a very versatile piece of furniture that is needed within companies in different sectors, but also schools, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and sports centers. In fact, they make it possible to create a functional space where operators can change clothing. Benches of different sizes and with a different number of seats are available.

The aluminum changing room benches, in the monobloc or disassembled version, are particularly suitable for environments such as swimming pools where the wooden seat could get wet and deteriorate over time. They are also suitable for environments where it is necessary to maintain high hygiene standards as they are particularly easy to clean.

The changing room benches made of steel with wooden slats, on the other hand, offer a more comfortable seat and offer equal stability and strength. Available in the disassembled version, they have different sizes to adapt to all types of environments, from the most spacious to those where the available space is limited.

The changing room benches with coat hooks offer a functional solution to optimize space. In fact, the riser includes a backrest that makes the seat more comfortable, a practical hanger that allows you to store jackets and vests and finally a bag holder where you can place bags, thus ensuring more free space in the seats.

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