Site boxes for tools

The site boxes for tools are a solution that allow you to always keep the work tools organized. Thanks to this type of product it will in fact be possible to store in an orderly manner all the equipment that is used frequently during working days. This will prevent loss of tools and will also reduce the risk of injury caused by misplaced tools. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of who to close the boxes with padlocks, the risk of theft of tools left on construction sites will be considerably reduced and it will be possible to check that access to the contents of the boxes is carried out only by authorized persons.

The site boxes for tools made of steel represent a solid and robust quality product. They offer the ability to withstand a long time and also offer resistance even to the impacts and stresses typical of on-site work activities. This type of product is in fact ideal for transporting tools within construction sites or from one site to another.

There are different models of boxes with different characteristics, it is possible to buy boxes of different sizes to meet every need. There are also other models available in steel, also models entirely in galvanized steel or in painted steel with galvanized cover.

The lifting hooks present in some models of site boxes for tools are useful for moving the box which can also take place when fully loaded. In addition, the side handles are useful for handling when you do not have a crane for lifting. Among the accessories for the boxes, burglar-proof bars to reduce the risk of theft.

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