Metal boxes

Metal boxes are the rectangular solutions for safely storing and handling material that must always be available. They can be placed in the production and assembly departments and filled with spare parts and components to always keep at hand. Produced in polished cold-rolled steel sheet, the boxes are reinforced thanks to the ribs on the bottom and the walls that increase load resistance and impact resistance.

Made to respond to even intensive professional use, metal small parts boxes find ample space in companies in the industrial sector. They are practical solutions that can be carried by hand thanks to the comfortable handles with 90-degree locking and the lifting crosspieces.

The metal boxes are stackable, representing solid space-saving solutions. In fact, they allow you to make the most of the space even in height during storage and transport. The reinforced and raised edge ensures perfect adherence in the overlap ensuring stability.

The wide range is complete with metal small parts boxes made with closed or perforated walls. The former are the ideal choice when you are looking for maximum protection of the contents, while the perforated walls allow for greater ventilation. Finally, the metal boxes are available in galvanized, stainless steel and painted steel to meet ever-changing needs.