Sheet metal industrial containers

Sheet metal industrial containers are the robust and professional sheet metal solutions for storing and transporting industrial goods and waste. They are ideal throughout the industrial sector to obtain safe and orderly warehouses: placing the goods in a suitable container increases productivity and considerably reduces the risk of accidents caused by scattered objects. In addition, the beveled corner construction helps to increase the level of safety.

Made with care, industrial containers are robust and resistant products, ideal in industrial environments and for intensive professional uses. Furthermore, the raw materials are carefully selected in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard to guarantee safety and quality.

Sheet metal industrial containers are indispensable solutions in industries and warehouses for moving and storing bulk materials, but they are also ideal for the collection of industrial waste. In addition, the structure allows you to fork the containers using a pallet truck or forklift for comfortable and safe handling.

The wide range of sheet metal industrial containers is complete with sheet metal solutions with sled on the short or long side, with 4 support feet, with a 3/4 wall or with a mesh door. In addition, models of different sizes are available, all stackable and, therefore, perfect when space is limited and must be used in height.

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