Sandblast cabinets

Sandblast cabinets are the most functional solution for cleaning and glazing metal objects and more, as thanks to their structure it is possible to work on different sizes and materials without changing machinery. They consist of a closed cabin where the workpiece will be placed. Always inside, there are protective gloves to wear and the high pressure air gun that sprays abrasive material: this material can be made, for example, from glass granules or abrasive stone.

The sandblast cabinets can be equipped with their own bench, in case it is necessary to keep the work tables free. In some cases, in the models with bench, an additional lower shelf is also available to place useful tools or materials to be treated.

Other types of sandblast cabinets have no support of their own, so they can be placed on a workbench in order to take up useful space, for example if the workshop where it will be placed is not particularly spacious.

All our sandblast cabinets are equipped with an identification plate and information pictograms. This allows to increase the safety level of the machine and, consequently, of the workshop or working environment in which it is used.

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